Family Law Practice Areas

Separation Agreements

A well-crafted and responsive separation agreement can help prevent having to go to court in the future. A good agreement is a roadmap for the future of your family. Call today for your free initial consultation.

Child Custody

Family Lawyer Jodi A. Michaels can help you obtain the parenting time and arrangements that will work best for you and your family.

Child Removal

It is incredibly stressful to have the Ministry of Children and Family Development involved with your family. Whether you’re dealing with safety plans, supervision orders or a removal, Jodi can help you and your family navigate the process.

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Cohabitation Agreements

Protect your assets and your relationship through a carefully negotiated cohabitation or prenuptial agreement. Sorting out how things would work if your relationship ends allows you and your partner to move forward without uncertainty.

Family Violence

There are many facets of family violence. It can be physical, verbal, emotional or financial abuse. You need someone in your corner who is experienced in criminal law to help you through this difficult time for your family. Call Jodi today for a path forward.

Child Sexual Abuse

Being a criminal and family lawyer, Jodi A. Michaels has worked on many cases which involve inappropriate sexual behaviour with children. Child sexual abuse can include grooming, voyeurism, touching or sexual assault. Jodi can help your family heal and work through the criminal and family court process.

Property Division

Separating all of your property, bank accounts, RRSPs, investments and other assets can be daunting. Jodi can help you craft a fair and reasonable agreement or can fight for you through the courts. Property division can be an incredibly complicated area of law. You need an experienced lawyer to help you through it.

Child and Spousal Support

Whether you’re the payor or the one receiving support payments, Jodi A. Michaels can help ensure that the payments are the right amount for you and your family.


Is your spouse applying to move with the kids? Are you wanting to move for a new job opportunity? The law involving relocation applications is complicated and you need an effective advocate to fight on your behalf. Call Jodi today to book your free initial consultation.

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The Family Law Act in British Columbia has very specific definitions for who qualifies as a parent or a guardian. Technological advances with alternative pregnancies, including IVF, pose new challenges in determining parentage and guardianship. Jodi can help you navigate this area of the law.


Every family is unique. Jodi is a compassionate, non-judgmental advocate who will listen to your story and craft a specialized plan for your unique family.


Not seeing your issue? Don’t worry, chances are that Jodi can still help. Call Jodi today for your free consultation.

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