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Spousal Assault

Spousal assault charges have become so common that there are entire courtrooms devoted to their prosecution. With her practice in family law, Jodi is in a unique position to not only help you navigate your spousal abuse charge, but also help you deal with the family law ramifications. Jodi protects not only you but your family. Get started – call to book your free consultation today.

Sexual Assault

In the me-too era it is incredibly intimidating to be charged with sexual assault. Jodi has successful obtained great results for her clients accused of sexual assault – including acquittals after trial, reduced sentences and pleas to offences that do not carry mandatory sex offender registry orders.

Offences Involving Children

Jodi has extensive experience in dealing with the criminal and family consequences of Criminal Code offences involving children. These include invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, exploitation and sexual assault. These are incredibly serious charges and Jodi has the experience to help you and your family.

Drug Possession and Trafficking

Jodi has represented those accused of low level dial-a-dope trafficking offences to those accused of being leading figures in drug trafficking rings. Book your free initial consultation today.

Firearms Offences

Firearm offences vary widely. Potential consequences can be as simple as a prohibition or fine to years of incarceration. For these serious matters you need an experienced lawyer. Call Jodi today.

Murder and Manslaughter

Jodi has represented those accused with multiple murders, spousal murders, manslaughter and failure to provide the necessities of life. She can help you face one of the most serious charges in Canada.

Driving Offences

Whether charged with Criminal Code driving offences such as driving while prohibited or driving while intoxicated (alcohol or drugs – including marijuana) or through the Motor Vehicle Act, such as excessive speed or driving without due care and attention, Jodi can help protect you in criminal court or traffic court.

Child Pornography

Child pornography chargesĀ  are emotionally taxing. The incredible stigma those charged face is difficult for them and their families. Jodi has experience cross-examining the computer experts and combing through the technical reports to ensure you have the best possible defence.

Theft and Robbery

Criminal Lawyer Jodi A. Michaels can help you through your theft or robbery charge. She will explain all possible defences and pursue the best possible resolution.


Fraud cases are difficult not only because of the criminal consequences but those of having your loved ones fear that you are a cheat or a liar. Jodi Michaels can help protect you and your reputation.

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering charges generally relate to either residential or commercial properties. Jodi has defended those accused of breaking and entering and help her clients achieve positive results.

Breach and Failure to Appear

These offences occur during the criminal justice process. They are leverage for the Crown Counsel to encourage you to plead to the substantial offences. Jodi can help you effectively deal with these charges.


Mischief can seem like a minor crime, but it can majorly affect your life. Jodi can help pursue non-criminal record resolutions to protect your future.

Criminal and Civil Forfeiture

Forfeiture is a growing area of the law and governments are increasing their pursuit of the property of those involved or associate to crimes. Jodi can help you through this complicated process.

All other Criminal Code, Motor Vehicle Act and CDSA Offences

Not seeing your offence listed – don’t worry, Jodi can still help. Call today for your free initial consultation.

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